What to look for when buying a used car in NZ


Used cars available to buy in New Zealand will likely be a second-hand Japanese import or a car that was originally sold as new in New Zealand. There are a number of checks you can do to ensure you get the best value used car for your money. In addition there are a variety of places to buy second hand cars in Dunedin from such as used car dealers, auction houses or online and privately.

New Zealand New or Japanese Import?

Used cars in New Zealand were either new to New Zealand or have been imported from overseas – usually Japan. Some used cars on the market may have been imported privately for example classic British cars or immigrants bringing their cars with them. It will be harder to verify odometer history on all but the new to New Zealand cars as you will be relying on dealer or importer honesty.

Second Hand Car Dealers or Private Sales?

If you look online at sites like Trade Me you will find numerous second hand car listings. You can sort these by location or local so if you are looking to buy used vehicles in Dunedin, simply select Dunedin. Many dealers list their available cars on auction sites along with private sellers.

Many used car dealers will have a website so you can check out what cars they have on the yard before visiting. This can save you a wasted trip if you are looking for a particular make or model or size or type of vehicle.

With private sales ensure you can inspect the vehicle before buying. Don’t jump in at the end of an auction because it looks like a bargain! With car dealers, read any reviews you can find about them or better yet get recommendations from friends or family for reliable dealers.

VIR or AA Lemoncheck?

When looking to buy a used car especially as a private sale you should consider paying for a Vehicle Inspection Report. Visit www.motorweb.co.nz to apply for a VIR, see sample reports and find out the location of your nearest VTNZ. Visit www.lemoncheck.co.nz to see the differences between the two reports. The checks can reveal whether there are odometer inconsistencies, any debt associated with the vehicle or if the vehicle has been reported stolen for example.

Mechanical Check

Unless you are a mechanic or have a good friend who is then it is wise to turn to the professionals for assistance. The VTNZ, the AA and many independent mechanics can carry out a pre-purchase check on vehicles. There are fees involved for example a VTNZ pre-purchase assessment costs from $129. For that fee an expert will check the boot, under the bonnet, all the lights, the underbody and also check the performance of the brakes. The expert will also fully inspect the interior and exterior of the car for any areas of concern and finally do a full test drive. What price piece of mind? You can also have car finance in Dunedin.

Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

It is a legal requirement for all cars sold in New Zealand to have a current WOF. The buyer can request that this WOF be less than 1 month old. Cars up to 6 years old are required to have a WOF done every 12 months, while for older cars the requirement is every 6 months.

Final point: transfer of car ownership needs to be notified to the New Zealand Transport Agency within 7 days of the sale/purchase.

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Do Used Nissan Leaf Electric Cars Provide Value for Consumers?


Dunedin car dealers are the first to admit not all consumers are ready to purchase an all-electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf. However, the number of used car buyers interested in electric cars is rapidly growing as the vehicles are becoming better known and understood. Like any investment, purchasing a Nissan Leaf has pros and cons that should be clearly understood before making a purchase.

All-Electric Cars Require No Petrol

With the current interest in minimising emissions, many individuals are opting to buy a Nissan Leaf for sale in Dunedin. Since all-electric vehicles like the Leaf consume no petrol, buyers can enjoy driving without worrying about contributing to the region’s air pollution levels. While batteries will, eventually, have to be replaced, the batteries used by Nissan Leaf are less expensive than those of competing models. That means consumers enjoy lower operating costs throughout the life of their Leaf vehicles.

Technology Drives the Development of Electric Vehicles

Leaf owners can be assured their vehicles use some of the auto industry’s most advanced technologies. Drivers want the maximum mileage possible between charges, and that is achieved with the use of highly-advanced systems that take full advantage of the Leaf’s unique characteristics. In addition to charging capacity, Leaf owners will enjoy premier diagnostic systems that ensure drivers and Nissan technicians in Dunedin know what is happening within the vehicle’s systems.

There are Downsides to Consider

While there are considerable advantages to owning a used Nissan Leaf, there are also downsides to keep in mind. First is the price, as the costs of all-electric vehicles are still quite high compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. However, it’s anticipated those costs will equalise over the life of a Leaf as repair and fuel costs are added into the equation.

Next the range of travel can be a limitation for some. While a used Leaf can be seen as an ideal vehicle for urban areas, it simply isn’t capable of longer trips, as recharging is needed quite frequently. That shouldn’t dissuade potential buyers who rarely, if ever, will need the Leaf for extended trips. Many vehicles based in urban areas rarely leave the owners’ immediate neighbourhoods, which suggests the range won’t be major factor for many used Leaf buyers.

If you’re considering a used Nissan Leaf, Dunedin car dealers like Auto Court Dunedin are available to help you find the ideal vehicle. Of course, if a brand new Nissan Leaf would better fit your plans, they’ll help you with that too. Just check out their website to view their full range of new and used cars online: www.autocourt.net.nz.